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Be The Party!
By: Ally

I am a professional pet service provider. My husband and I own 3 small retail stores in Indiana, and our staff provide food, clothing, shelter, toys, treats and grooming to our customers (the pets) and their owners.

This is an open letter to dog owners.

We are frequently asked about electronic training devices and fences. We even sell them. But we tell owners that electronic devices are not the end of problems, they are only one tool in the box, one arrow in the quiver of training an obedient and safe dog.

I am currently watching the education of a nice young chocolate lab, whose owners have determined that their dog is going to be responsive to the electric fence they invested in – or else.

Flash back 18 months to Coco arriving home at 6 weeks old (too young). The owners immediately signed him up for puppy classes with a Wagnerian...